Section 4 - Cookery classes

Jessie RM Drinkall Memorial Cup for the Most Points in the COOKERY CLASS Jane Pye and Anne Thistlethwaite


Zoe Longton Memorial cup for most points in the preserves Kirsty Rothwell

Quiche 1st Shirley Townley 2nd Kate German< 3rd Jill Fairclough
Custard tart 1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd Shirley Townley  
Three scones (Any Variety ) 1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd Margaret Townley 3rd Shirley Townley
Three oatcakes (Not Sweet)  1st R. Tallentire 2nd Margaret Townley 3rd Vicky O'Neil
Four pieces of tray bake (Any Size) 1st Kay Thistlethwaite 2nd Helen Drinkall 3rd Shirley Townley, Margaret Townley
One fruit cake (To Recipe)  1st Kathleen Atkinson 2nd Kathleen Atkinson 3rd Jane Pye
Chocolate cake  1st Laura Simpson 2nd Kay Thistlethwaite 3rd Jane Pye<
Rich fruit cake   1st Anne Thistlethwaite< 2nd Kathleen Atkinson 3rd Kathleen Atkinson
Madeira cake  1st Kate German 2nd 3rd
One gingerbread  1st Kathleen Atkinson 2nd Kay Thistlethwaite 3rd Rachel Ayrton
One chocolate cake (Men Only)  1st Richard Tallentire 2nd Alistair Adam-Huset 3rd Ben Pye
One sponge sandwich (without fat) 1st Mrs Lynn Lewis 2nd Jane Pye/td> 3rd
One round of shortbread  1st Shirley Townley 2nd Vicky O'Neil 3rd Margaret Townley
Victoria sandwich  1st Ben Pye 2nd Jane Pye 3rd Jill Fairclough
Victoria sandwich (under 20 years) 1st Amy Townley 2nd Becky Townley 3rd Hazel Carter
One swiss roll     1st Jane Pye 2nd 3rd
Six sweet biscuits  1st Shirley Townley 2nd Ann Rossall 3rd Shirley Townley
Four drop scones        1st Amy Drinkall 2nd Mary McMurran 3rd Kate German  
Fruit Pie  1st Kathleen Atkinson 2nd Shirley Townley 3rd Jane Pye
Home-made sweet cheesecake  1st Amy Ayrton 2nd David Thistlethwaite 3rd Kay Thistlethwaite
One jar home-made jelly  1st Janet Simpson 2nd Ann Thistlethwaite 3rd Kirsty Rothwell
One jar home-made jam (soft fruit excluding raspberry) 1st Christine Ayrton 2nd Ann Thistlethwaite 3rd Kirsty Rothwell
One jar home-made jam (Stone fruit) 1st Christine Ayrton 2nd Kirsty Rothwell 3rd Christine Ayrton
One jar raspberry jam 1st Jane Pye 2nd Kirsty Rothwell 3rd
One jar marmalade 1st Rachel Ayrton 2nd Anne Thistlethwaite 3rd David Thistlethwaite
One jar lemon curd  1st Kathleen Atkinson 2nd Anne Thistlethwaite 3rd Mary McMullen
A bottle of fruit cordial (to dilute) 1st Sarah Rhodes 2nd Margaret Townley 3rd Sarah Rhodes
One jar of Piccalilli/Chutney   1st Angie Rothwell 2nd Kirsty Rothwell 3rd Mary McMullen
1/4 lb of fudge 1st Shirly Townley 2nd Ben Pye 3rd Anne Thistlethwaite
One  loaf home made bread (Not White)  1st Jane Pye 2nd 3rd  
One  One loaf home made bread  1st David Thistlethwaite 2nd David Thistlethwaite 3rd Jane Pye
One  One tea loaf   1st Kathleen Atkinson 2nd Liz Stanford-Davis 3rd Kay Thistlethwaite
This years Special " Three fresh cream meringues" 1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd Jane Pye 3rd Liz Stanford-Davis

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