Section 5 - Handicraft classes

Miles and Kathleen Pye Memorial trophy for most points in handicraft section Ann Thistlethwaite

LEE CUP for the BEST SCARECROW Ella and Ayla Bunyan

Embroidery New (to include cross stitch) 1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd Val Jones 3rd Kay Thistlethwaite
Knitted garment for a baby (up to 24")  1st Christine Ayrton 2nd Ann Thistlethwaite 3rd Val Jones
Arran or thick knitted article  1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd Holly Huset 3rd Holly Huset
Patchwork and/or quilting 1st Jean Wadswoth 2nd Jane Vickers 3rd Jane Vickers
Knitted article, double knitting, new  1st Jane Vickers 2nd Ann Thistlethwaite 3rd Christine Ayrton
Soft toy, Home Made. 1st Allice Jesmont 2nd Anne Thistlethwaite 3rd
Machine-sewn garment, New 1st Alice Jesmont 2nd Anne Thistlethwaite 3rd Jane Vickers
An Item ofJewellery 1st Kirsty Rothwell 2nd Anne Thistlethwaite 3rd Anne Thistlethwaite
Handicraft Textiles 1st Jane Vickers 2nd Holly Huset 3rd Holly Huset,Sally Tait
Handicraft Any Other (not textile) 1st Jean Wadsworth 2nd 3rd
Painting  1st Karen Harrison 2nd 3rd
Pencil drawing  1st Karen Harrison 2nd 3rd
Crochet work New,  1st Anne Thistletwaite 2nd Holly Huset 3rd Cath McCallum
Handicraft Special Item A cushion  1st Anne Thistlethwaite 2nd Fiona Rhodes 3rd Elaine Drinkall
Handicraft do it yourself kit - Men & Women   1st Anne Thistlethwaite 2nd 3rd

Section 6 - Photography classes

A.V &E.T Harvey Memorial Cup for the Most Points in the photography Anthony Jones

Photo, Any Subject (Under 16 yrs)  1st Jake McCallum 2nd Grace Harrison 3rd Autumn Crofts
Photo, Animal Subject  1st James German 2nd Anthony Jones 3rd Anthony Jones
Photo, Group - People  1st Anthony Jones 2nd Ian Adams 3rd Holly Huset
Photo, Amusing Caption  1st Anthony Jones 2nd Val Jones 3rd Fiona Rhodes
Photo, Portrait 1st Ian Adams 2nd Stuart Adams Huset 3rd Anthony Jones
Photo, Scenery Only  1st Jackie Entwistle 2nd Kirstie Thistlethwaite 3rd Holly Huset
Photo(Miscellaneous)  1st Anthony Jones 2nd Jackie Entwistle 3rd Anthony Jones
Photo titled Spring  1st Jackie Entwistle 2nd Jane Thistlethwaite 3rd Anthony Jones
Old photo, With Title  1st Kathleen Atkinson 2nd Tizzie Entwistle 3rd

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