Section 3 - Flower classes

Rose Bowl for the Most Points in the FLOWER CLASSES Kirsty Rothwell

Andrew Pye Memorial Cup for the BEST EXHIBIT in the flowers Kirsty Rothwell

One pot plant for foliage 1st Elaine Drinkall 2nd Monica Lee 3rd Jean Wadsworth
One flowering plant 1st Fiona Rhodes 2nd Kirsty Rothwell 3rd Holly Huset
One vase herbaceous flowers.  1st Tizzie Entwistle 2nd Luke Tatterall 3rd Fiona Rhodes
One vase annual flowers. 1st Angie Rothwell 2nd Kirsty Rothwell 3rd Fiona Rhodes
Six pansy blooms 1st Angie Rothwell 2nd Kate German 3rd
Gladioli, One Vase of three spikes  1st Kirsty Rothwell 2nd 3rd
Gladioli, One spike  1st Kirsty Rothwell 2nd Luke Tatterall 3rd Monica Lee
Sweet peas, One Vase of twelve  1st Kirsty Rothwell 2nd Kate German 3rd
Sweet peas, One Vase for effect  1st Monica Lee 2nd Jean Wadworth 3rd Fiona Rhodes
Roses, three blooms 1st Joe Walmsley 2nd Eileen wallbank 3rd Sally Tait
Roses, one bloom 1st Luke Tatterall 2nd Joe Walmsleye 3rd C. McCallum
Three Hosta leaves 1st Vicky O'Neill 2nd Fiona Rhodes 3rd Elaine Drinkall
Dahlias, six blooms, for effect-mixed 1st Kate German 2nd Kirsty Rothwell 3rd Luke Tatterall
Arrangement in unusual container. 1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd Jean Wadsworth 3rd F. Atkinson
One vase of mixed flowers for effect.  1st Tizzie Entwistle 2nd Fiona Rhodes 3rd Elaine Drinkall
Arrangement of miniature flowers.  1st F. Atkinson 2nd Kirstie Rothwell 3rd Ann Thistletwaite
Arrangement of floating flowers 1st Vicky O'Neill 2nd Ann Thistlethwaite 3rd
One lady's spray (Need not be home grown) 1st Ann Thistlethwaite 2nd F. Atkinson 3rd Jean Wadsworth
Tub arranged by exhibitor (need not be home grown) 1st Christine Aryton 2nd Christine Aryton 3rd M. Townley
Flower arrangement with theme ”A book title ”    1st Tizzie Entwistle 2nd Ann Thistlethwaite 3rd F. Atkinson
Hedgerow arrangement  1st Tizzie Entwistle 2nd Vicky O'Neill 3rd Sally Tait
Miniature garden.  1st Kirsty Rothwell 2nd Ann Thistletwaite 3rd

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